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Rcmp boss gets 'tough job' Rcmp boss gets 'tough job' In evolving to become the top mountie, veteran rcmp officer bob paulson assumes command of a storied and iconic national police that has helped shape canada. He also takes the reins at a critical point when the rcmp must fully modernize and make tough choices just what its members do, described linda duxbury, a business professor at ottawa carleton collage, who has studied the force executive and culture. "The guy got a difficult job.He got a doubting, overworked people who won believe that change is possible and really are very suspicious of leadership, occasion, she said sunday. "He Pandora Jewellery UK also got to manage government entities.And that ad very challenging, Paulson, a multilingual native of lachute, cual, and a former person in the canadian forces, was not too long ago deputy rcmp commissioner for federal policing, overseeing from protection of key officials to organized crime probes. He swaps william elliott, the force first private commissioner, who stepped down after a frequently stormy four years.Senior patrons revolted over elliott brash style. The commission for public complaints against the rcmp said wednesday it would investigate the force response to internal grievances about workplace harassment over the past five years. Paulson, 52, said he would deal Cheap Pandora Bracelets with being a nuisance concerns. "It is my intention to address this matter so that the rcmp once again has the confidence and loyalty of all canadians, Using the rcmp act, a member must be encouraged within one year of the date on which his superior became aware of an infraction.But many internal brought on of alleged harassment take so long that, even ought to well founded, it inside its idnetuk final stages to punish anyone. The federal government talked about changing the law, but didn continue.And the handling of grievances is just one historical issue.The conservative government has yet to act on a list of other recommended reforms to the police. Four in the past, a federal task force on the rcmp requested major changes to the structure, flexibility and oversight of the mounties. It urged advance of a management board that would oversee financial affairs, programs, business, property or home, personnel and purchase.Despite elliott validation of the idea, the us government hasn moved on it. The complaints commission is widely seen as lacking because it does not have total access to information in rcmp files, and doesn't idnetuk possess the power to review or audit the force programs and policies. The conservatives introduced regulation last year to overhaul the watchdog, but the bill died on the order paper and will not be revived. "The rcmp file has been bungled by the harper fed, said ndp public safe and sound practices critic jasbir sandhu. "We will be pushing the us government to bring forward changes that make the rcmp more accountable and transparent, Duxbury says paulson must realize rank and file mounties have endured crushing workloads with little public recognition or a better job. "He getting coming in, and to be honest a lot of them aren going to believe a word he going to say.And what going to be really crucial for him is what he does, not what he admits that. "There been no substantive vary, and a real loss of faith with the control of the rcmp, Things will quickly go awry if the force continues to ask mounties to perform more without the proper resources, duxbury had to talk about.So fed lawmakers support will be critical to paulson chances of fostering real change. "The failure or success of the change, he doesn use it alone, she claimed. "He got to own that backing.


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