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America's massive food portions America's massive food portions On a current trip to arizona, i made the huge mistake of ordering a large soda from burger king(It had been a $1)And following handed to to me, it felt like i involved to drink a keg.You mentioned about helping your diet coke filled up 5 times during a meal, i wish that happens here with water or any sort of drink, seriously how expensive is the syrup that businesses use to mix with water to make soda, very sad situation to have to pay $4.50 for a non intoxicating drink. I had an ice tea from local cafe in trenta, luckily there is a large proportion of ice so isn't that much to drink but very hard to carry around. I have eaten at the cheesecake factory and had a small starter so i can have cheesecake at the end and Pandora Jewellery have watched in astonishment when we have a full meal and a piece of cheesecake, i just don't think they know different and it's the way they eat.Despite having the huge meals, i managed to lose excess weight will there for 4 weeks but then i don't usually spend all my days walking the malls and attractions in 100 degree heat, so i guess that was predictably. Improvements struck me on my second trip to the usa(In can possibly 2005)Was the amount of mobility scooters.Not occupied by the ageing and infirm but by giant individuals. Now i was particulary sensitive to this having had diet"Stomach stapling"Only 6 months preceding.Attempting to obtain appropriately sized meals for my then highly restricted stomach was impossible.I became very adept at hiding my leftover portions under napkins to avoid the employees asking"Is a problem with the food, I did so have my first"Contribute op"Steak in the suburbs steak house over there.Convincing the staff that i i just more information want the main no soup or salid first was a mission.Just the actual steak with a small handful of veges please.The petite steak they served seemed enormous mashed spuds dripping in buttery sauce carrots drowned in sweet orange glaze things are either fatty or sweet.But the matchbox sized piece of steak i could consume was delicious.I acquired it for dearly an hour later but it was worth it.


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