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Beachwood sparks Beachwood sparks The youngsters, mean a pair of shorts, substances, sex criminal offenses (Star movie, 13 north west 6th)Nearly forgotten belgian punk legends the kids are something of a secret handshake band among punk/power pop aficionados, for a few very reasons;The first being that the group's records are a fraction of the rarest and most coveted from the era.The second is the band absolutely rips:Major band, more or less isolated from all of those other first wave punk movement, who revealed a 25 minute debut record in 1979(Highlighting classics like"Fascist police officers"And as well as"Do you cherish the nazis,)That's worlds snottier than their english and american alternatives.But it's on their own fourth record, power outage, that kids struck chiming, power pop gold with the nearest they got to a ubiquitous pop single,"You will have no next time"' now this is a hook.Morgan troper (Doug fir, 830 electronic burnsidagouritorito)Have situated their families at that fertile intersection where folk rock, soda, psychedelia, own territory, and beach boys style harmonies all bond.The byrds famously observed this territory on 1968's classic the notorious byrd brothers, but that fractious band was only able to stay put in that position for the half hour of that album's runtime.A number of decades later, rediscovered the outpost and set up an enduring settlement, claiming it as a, and breaking only for a hiatus between 2002's make the cowboy robots cry ep and 2012's full length the damaged gold.That most up to date record is an infatuating slab of space cowboy sunshine, as true a bit of arizona as anything from the golden state.Ned lannamann Useful nutz, disc-Jockey fatboy, beejan, juma blaq, 5 channel ent, fanatic lok, drea steves (Ash community saloon, 225 sw lung burning ash)Cool nutz is definitely the godfather of the portland rap scene, a fitting title taking a look at he basically created it from the ground up with childhood friend bosko.It's an exercise in futility introducing him to most, as he should portland hiphop what sir mix a lot should be to seattle.Nutz alludes to this on solitary pilot is a"Smaller mix a lot, from his latest full length of time, rungs.These are seattle, nutz will visit there early next month as a featured speaker on a grammy academy panel explaining how to build specialist network.Today, within the, finds him celebrating the release of these bars, sega's mostly recorded in tour stops in europe(Norwegian, amsterdam, not to mention copenhagen)Since west coast, featuring assembly from norwegian producer hi q and local track master terminill.Thomas feigh Dad john misty, pure bathing traditions (Wonder ball room, 128 ne russell)Father john misty is a somewhat randomly name plucked by former fleet foxes drummer josh tillman for one of his solo projects.But it fits a brilliant man who once considered a pastor, most probably at a church where the sacraments are mushrooms and the sermon is a strange, bad tale sung in a haunting, clarion singing thought.Denis f.Theriault Edward (more jewelry here) sharpe and the permanent permanent magnet zeros, sons of dads, get owl, fort ocean (Beachfront park,1020 sw naito)Portland's annual rose festival is on-Going,which means a ton of excitement On the waterfront consist of cityfair.To humor:Concerts at the terribly named rozone stage recently featuring edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros(Wednesday)And fitz and the fits and meltdowns(On the);Tons of stomach churning rides and hippo ears;Live exotic pets(,); And Pandora Beads UK this evening,Fireworks!Wm.Steven humphrey Billy martin/wil saw blades duo (All of often the very goodfoot, 2845 ne huge)Billy martin you'll know as the drummer of medeski martin wood, any of the baddest avant soul jazz trios ever.His loose limbed funkiness and percussive adventurousness rank highly the actual all time greats.Organist wil blades has messed around with dr.Lonnie williams, diane lee hooker, idris muhammad, and other powerful figures.Together they're natural conspirators in unstoppable groove output.Martin and blades find endless ways to boggle your mind with their attention grabbing compositional brilliancies.Youtube their the big apple performance of"Toe browse"For proof of the disciplined voodoo Pandora they conjure with the best of expertise.Gaga segal Primus 3d (Arlene schnitzer display hall, 1037 sw broadway)Even when you love or hate primus and for you of the latter category, what lies your goddamn deal?The fact remains there are few bands who can claim to be more risk taking, more an adventurous type, and more positively weird.Their hottest album, golf green-Colored naugahyde, was a return to the thwappy swamp prog found on lesser collections for instance brown album, though it the website still packed one punch.But even what might be construed as a dud for les claypool is usually more original than half of the crappy pap i spend most of my time hearing.To augment my as you can imagine objective position on the band's music, their informed tour is in 3d(Whatever indicates)And will be heard through quad multichannel sorround sound systems!Take which often, pink floyd laser natural gentle glow show!Thomas j.Prado



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