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George zimmerman trial day 14 A reporter asks if the parent give jeantel credit for getting zimmerman arrested.Parks says he can't say that.He thinks the witnesses have added a lot to the case. A reporter asks about the reversing of roles and if martin would've been the person shot.Parks says he hasn't thought about it. Parks says he is looking forward to seeing what happens.He says americans should not be naive and judging her.Parks says west did some things that should be reported on.He says she was good and did the things a young person should do. A reporter asks about the case being about race.Parks says no one wants to talk about race.He says he agrees with o'mara in wanting a nice, fair proceeding. He says the rally was highly emotional and they weren't getting any action.He adds that the governor didn't make the appointment until the day of the rally. A reporter asks about zimmerman profiling martin and him dying in vain if nothing is changed.Parks says martin's Wedding Dresses http://www.dpmp.com.au/ name will be a part of a started movement.He says trayvon moved the ball that much further. Parks describes jeantel as a young lady going into the 12th grade and says they are proud of her.He confirms she blew zimmerman's defense out of the water. Parks says he tries not to talk about other members of the bar, in response to a question about don west. Parks says the case is very personal for martin's parents. A reporter asks about de la rionda's interview with jeantel and fulton together.Parks says jeantel was a very reluctant person and needed convincing.He says they weren't coaching her.He says he didn't stay in the room. A reporter asks about jeantel and her credibility.Parks say he thinks she's credible.He says no one will say she planned to deceive anyone. A reporter asks if they regret the process that brought jeantel into the case.Parks says jeantel was reluctant to be involved and they heard all the reasons and that is why they got what they could from her, but it is not the problem of the state of florida. Parks says the martins, as possible witnesses, are not allowed to answer questions. A reporter asks about the rallies and Cheap Formal Dresses marches. Parks asks if it was reversed that martin shot zimmerman, what would happen? Parks says the core evidence in the case Short Wedding Dresses Australia is subtle. A reporter asks how martin in fulton feel about the marches to get zimmerman arrested and how they feel about no black jurors. Parks says the rules allow fair and impartial people to be picked. He says the system refused to function, come and act.He says they begged and pleaded. He says the people that came for marches were peaceful and they felt compelled to show up and show up early. Parks mentions wolfinger and his decision. Parks says jeantel put it into context that young people use the racial slurs and the irony is that martin used the nword and cword. Daryl parks speaks first telling the media that the family is encouraged by rachel jeantel testifying. He says anyone that injects http://www.dpmp.com.au/wedding-party-dresses/bridesmaid-dresses.html race into the process is wrong. He they believe the jury is paying attention and there will be a fair verdict. "The evidence continues to mount in this case,"Parks says.



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